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Founded in 2006, we are a leading ICT services and solutions provider, embracing the Microsoft applications and technology platforms. We extend the ICT capabilities of our customers and offer services that turn IT into business solutions and performance. Together with more than 250 talents we can digitalize your business.

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Project & Portfolio Management

TOBIUS offers 360° Project and Portfolio Management services and solutions include support for people (training), processes (consultancy) and tools (technology). TOBIUS is Microsoft Gold Partner in Project and Portfolio Management and uses Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint technology.

Our aim is to

  • improve effectiveness of your investments by helping you identify and select those investments and projects that generate maximum value to your organization.
  • improve the efficiency of the project execution by enhancing the collaboration between project stakeholders and automating processes.
  • improve control on your resources and activities by offering consolidated real-time planning and financial reports on the status of your portfolio


Many companies worldwide are overwhelmed by an increasing number of investment and project demands. From this pool of projects and initiatives, they need to choose the optimal balanced portfolio mix that realizes the company’s strategy.  And all choices have to be made within the boundaries of available budget, timing and resources.

After the decision to start, the execution follows. This is often the most difficult part. Many companies struggle to meet the defined objectives due to the fact that they loose control on the project lifecycle. Decisions by management are often based on outdated and incomprehensive data, resulting in inefficient use of resources and sometimes failure to act in time. A lack of or incomplete communication is one of the key reasons projects fail.

An integrated project & portfolio management solutions prevents or minimizes these risks of project failure by offering a platform that offers 360° information on every project tuned to the needs of each stakeholder.



TOBIUS Solution

TOBIUS Project and Portfolio Management is a powerful platform impacting people, processes and tools in your organization.

TOBIUS consultants - with an average 15-20 years of experience in project and portfolio management - help organizations to streamline their processes, based on hands on experience and best practices. We are experts at setting up PMO organizations, increase PPM maturity and improving governance.

Our Microsoft based technology solutions have been successfully implemented in various organizations in e.g. banking, services, retail, production and government industries. TOBIUS is the first and only thoroughly belgian Microsoft Gold Partner in Project and Portfolio Management. Microsoft Project Server is a market leading Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) platform to help organisations select and deliver the right projects, reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and ultimately grow the business.

To ensure new disciplines are adopted by the organization, TOBIUS provides training and coaching in project and portfolio management methodologies and techniques.


TOBIUS project and portfolio management solutions ensure that all project ideas are captured. It allows companies to choose from this pool of ideas, the optimal project portfolio mix to ensure the successful execution of its strategy, given the scarcity of resources. A portfolio exercise is of benefit to executives and portfolio managers alike, and will give much needed overview on the (realisation of) benefits of the projects. It will also allow human resource managers to bridge the gap between the available competences and the needed ones. Financial managers are informed about the financial planning (including cashflow) of the portfolio.

Without portfolio management companies run the risk that the wrong projects are selected and resources are wasted on inferior projects, directly resulting in a loss of value for your company. TOBIUS project and portfolio management solutions aim for an efficient realisation of the projects business benefits, balancing cost and risk.

We assist project managers in their day to day tasks in order to achieve a better time to market for their projects, without compromising on quality. Standardisation of the project lifecycle will increase project predictability and throughput. It will allow you to spot bottlenecks early in the process and trigger you. Uniform data will drastically reduce your consolidation efforts and allow you to make corrective action in time.

Without the necessary project management processes, projects will typically go over budget, over time and out of scope. Resources involved with projects will spend numerous unproductive hours on gathering and consolidating information. Management will repeatedly need to spend lots of time firefighting recurrent problems.


D'Ieteren - Keytrade Bank - AON - Terumo - Cegeka - B-Bridge (Randstad Group) -
Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken afdeling Maritieme Toegang - NATO - BPost -
TUCRail - Digipolis - European Commission


  • PPM Maturity Program - Assesses the value of Project and Portfolio Management for your organisation
  • EPM Readiness Program – Delivers a Microsoft Project Server implementation roadmap tailored to bring your company maximum return on investment
  • Realize Results - Realize your organizational goals and objectives by successfully planning, executing and controlling your project and project portfolio (download solution sheet)
  • Achieve Goals – Achieve your business goals by selecting the right portfolio of projects and realize your project benefits efficiently (download solution sheet)
  • ERP & other systems Integration – Enrich Microsoft Project Server with information from other systems, and enrich these systems with project and portfolio information
  • Portfolio Performance Management & Reporting - Make your management decisions on accurate, comprehensive and real-time project and portfolio dashboards
  • Team Collaboration & Content Management - Communicate effectively between distributed project teams and facilitate document management
  • Multi-annual financial planning - Project and portfolio financial planning and management for government institutions


TOBIUS assists companies by implementing tools to support their people and processes in successful Project and Portfolio Management using Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint technology. Project Server supports a very wide array of project and portfolio management processes, using the familiar look and feel of the Office product stack. Microsoft Project is the number one project management tool worldwide. Project Server is a scalable platform that can be configured towards the specific situation of our customers, effectively supporting any organisation between 10 and 100000 users. It serves as a unique version of the truth for all impacted stakeholders. It can easily integrate with the other Microsoft products and other systems (eg SAP). We pride ourselves in attaining a high user adoption rate and effectively support our customer in the change involved with new tools. TOBIUS delivers its solution on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid system. TOBIUS is recognised as preferred partner of Microsoft and has achieved Gold Partner status in Project and Portfolio Management.


Integration by TOBIUS:

Microsoft Project Server

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SQL Server

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